"You’re still the best, more or less, I guess."
I ship Ian/shaker.

Next Marianas Trench video?

Sometimes I just need to be reminded of how awesome this trip was. 

Omg. I cannot wait to see how much the guys are gonna make fun of Josh in the behind the scenes for the Fallout video.

Also, can I just? When Matt helps Josh up…I just….so many feelings. THEY NEEDS BEST FRAAAANDS NECKLACES. 

-The beautiful faces of the men of Marianas Trench.

That awkward moment when


Fallout video looks FUCKING AMAZING. I cannot wait.

I found and took pictures of so many pomegranate flavored things today…but I’m too lazy to post them. So for all you trenchers, I’ll just say it. Pomegranate.

So Soon- Marianas Trench.

Ramsay, it’s like you know my fucking life.

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