this will be on repeat all week.

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Song For Ten - Tim Phillips

Just finished watching “The Christmas Invasion”. The merriest of Christmases to all my fellow Whovians! 


My All Time Top 15 Male Singers

No Particular Order

6. Iwan Rheon


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Kimya Dawson//Loose Lips

So if you wanna burn yourself remember that I love you

And if you wanna cut yourself remember that I love you

And if you wanna kill yourself remember that I love you

I know all the words <3

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First, go grab some headphones. The best ones you’ve got. If the best ones you’ve got are these suckers (or something similar), you should really go buy new ones, but use the best you’ve got for right now.

Take a break from whatever you’re doing for 2 minutes and listen, but just listen to the whole thing, even if you have to multi-task.

Headphones on? Ok. Good.

Now, press play.

“Upular (3D Audio Version)” - Pogo


Guys. Guys. You should really listen to this as instructed, guys.

It is worth it.

mother of god

why is this so amazing

it works way better if you keep your eyes closed during the whole thing


what the FUCK

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Ingrid Michaelson - Somebody That I Used to Know (Gotye cover)

But I’ll admit that I was glad it was over

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I hear you loving your girlfriend
I hear you loving yourself too
I hear you flushing your toliet
I hear you turning your thoughts off
I turn mine off too
The only thing I hear is you

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[4/365] Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen

The video for this song has to be the best thing I’ve ever seen, I still find it hilarious a few weeks after I first saw it. But besides that, I love the song. It’s so catchy. I always have to sing along when it comes on the radio in the car…. even if there’s people in with me.

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Shake Tramp//Marianas Trench

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You Are The Moon - The Hush Sound (Like Vines, 2006)

All the light that you possess
Is skewed by lakes and seas
The shattered surface, so imperfect,
Is all that you believe

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Foster the People | Pumped Up Kicks (Acoustic)

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Forget regret or life is yours to miss. No other road, no other way. No day but today

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Def Leppard, “Rock of Ages”

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Notice Me - Pixel Perfect

Here’s A Seddie song for you all!

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